Our user centred

Design process

User- and brand-needs

in Balance

Our proven design process is focused on developing innovative and functional product design solutions of the highest standard. Through in-depth analysis and years of experience, we develop products that are equally focused on user needs and market needs. Our clearly structured approach to the task leads to individual and award-winning solutions. We have been developing successful products together with our customers for many years, step by step.

design process in detail

A structured road

01. Planing

At the start of a project we agree the content with the customer and define together the clarity of the tasks.

02. Analysis

It depends on the task whether the analysis are less or more intensly carried out. Examples of our services: Market research, User-Inquiry, trend analysis and many more…

03. Conception

The design should improve the functionality/usability of the products and take into account the feasability and the handling. Differentiation as well as segmentation strategys of a product are planned very early in the process of development.

4. Design development

Special attention is on the formal design and the visualization of different concept studies which are comparable with each other. It depends on the product whether we work with hand sketches or 3D modelling with CAD-tools. In this phase the corporate identity of the client will be considered and implemented into the design.

05. Evaluation

For the decision-making all the formal and functional aspects of the design concepts will be varified by a design model or a prototype. Obviously the user is included in the evaluation and delivers as often as not a valuable feedback.

6. Design Implementation

The favoured design concept including the product graphics will be modelled and detailed in 3D. Furthermore photorealistic renderings give a visual overall appearance of the product regarding the form, colour and material.

Let's get

creative together.

Our design process equally addresses the needs of the brand and users. Our user-centred design techniques focus on the user early on in product development. We supplement this method with the individual integration of brand values and positioning. The comprehensive design process ensures high usability and long-term acceptance of a product. Similarly, we develop a design that integrates nightly into our customers' brand strategy.

Our team of professional creatives will be happy to work with you. Our individual process, tailored to your needs, accompanies you from the idea to series production.

For each phase

Available modules


  • Kick Off Workshop (Briefing)
  • Creative workshop
  • Scheduling and offer preparation


  • Market analysis / competitor analysis
  • User inquiry inclusive post processing / documentation
  • Workflow-analysis / ergonomic study
  • Environment-analysis
  • Develop user profiles / usage profiles
  • Research (specific topics)
  • Trend analysis (formal, social, technological)


  • Create mood-boards
  • Develop user cases
  • Storytelling
  • Ideation / Brainstorming (Principal solutions, single solutions)
  • Work out configuration concepts
  • Product strategie (Facelift, Upgrade, etc.)
  • Interaction design
  • Manufacturing processes (consultation)

Design development

  • Develop / refine design concepts
  • Mock-up
  • Produce volume model / proportion model
  • Ergonomic model
  • Develop service concepts
  • Segmentation concepts
  • User-Interface-Design
  • Design model


  • Focus group interview
  • Usability-check
  • Acceptance test
  • Evaluation and documentation

Design Implementation

  • Design detailing
  • Create product graphic
  • Design model / prototype
  • Artwork
  • Prototype sampling
  • Design specification and documentation
  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Product visualization
  • Poster design (for participate in design awards)
  • Packaging design
  • 3D Product animation

Best of both worlds

Innovative and Functional

Our proven design process is designed to develop innovative and functional product design solutions at the highest level. Through well-founded analyzes and years of experience, we develop products that are equally geared towards the needs of users and market requirements. Our clearly structured approach to the task leads to individual and award-winning solutions. We have been developing successful products step by step with our customers for many years.

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