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Ultrasound XS


The Ultrasound XS ultrasound device is a highly technical, mobile workplace meeting both ergonomical and user needs perfectly. The height and angle of the panel and the monitor can be individually adjusted with the probes (sensors) being optimally placed easily within the reach of the user. Meanwhile the cables are concealed within the device as to avoid the typical ‘clutter’.

During the design process the role of the patient was studied carefully as they interact with the device before and during the investigation. Therefore the design should help ensure the device generates a positive attitude. Its hould be reliable and trustworthy, while also being friendly to avoid patient discomfort.


Corpus-C has developed the Ultrasound XS through the careful consideration of different, contrasting materials and colours to create a device that meets the specified requirements. The structure of the entire device is integral to the overall design concept. The combination of free form surfaces and geometric primitives creates a dynamic tension, which promises the user maximum performance, andthe patient absolute confidence.

Another unique feature of this design concept is the new user interface. In contrast to existing devices, this study uses no mechanical input devices such as knobs, trackball or key – instead the entire user interface is touch sensitive. The former track ball is replaced by a spherically curved touchpad. The knobs are particularly innovative as they literally grow from the surface and for example serve for the adjustment of the camera properties (zoom, angle, depth, etc.). They operate solely through contact and are free from any joints. The entire user interface can therefore be easily wiped down and cleaned. Furthermore, the software can be individually configured to the user’s preference and then saved. The aim is to optimise the workflow (more investigations per unit of time) while reducing or eliminating user errors.

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