Single use-bioreactor with a working volume of 0,6 to 2 L

UniVessel® SU

Culture vessel

Single use bioreactor

The UniVessel® SU is a single-use stirring bioreactor. The bioreactor was a new development with the main focus centres around the user and ease of use. In addition, the one-way container has been replaced whilst functionally, the disposable bioreactor can be compared with the autoclave glass bioreactors. The main advantage is that the entire container may be disposed of after use and with shortened cleaning times; the risk of contamination is dramatically reduced.



UniVessel SU

Calibration Station


The design of the SU UniVessel® echoes the typical Sartorius form elements and colours (orange, white, grey) so that the bioreactor fits seamlessly into the Sartorius family. When designing, special emphasis was placed on the functionality - the container can be easily connected to the holder and separated again after use. Helpful cable management is at the top of the container: hoses and cables can be ordered and attached directly to the device. The connections to the unit are located in a recess; meaning cables and connectors are protected against knocks and liquid.

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