A smart system for

Temperature control

D Gree

The design of D Gree connects the digital fever thermometer with the Smartphone, both technically and visually. The concept is specially designed for long-term measurement, analysis and documentation of the body temperature. The D Gree base serves as a charging station for thermometer and Smartphone. The user's data logging​can be evaluated thanks to the appropriate app so that temperature traces are analyzed quickly and precisely in order to use them as the basis for a personal behavioral modulation.

For women who use the temperature method for prevention, these values ​​can be used to assess the cycle. Measurement of basal temperature is one of the natural methods of contraception. By measuring the morning body temperature immediately after getting up, the infertile days after ovulation are determined, since the body temperature of each woman shows cycles with typical fluctuations.

Body temperature is an important, controlled, physiological measure. It is subject to internal and external fluctuations and must be controlled continuously by means of heat production and emission. The comparison of temperature and pulse frequency can be used by ambitious broad-spectrum athletes and the self trackers, as the pulse frequency is influenced not only by the sporting performance but also by the temperature regulation.

In the home care sector, temperature events can be documented and evaluated in case of illness. These can be transmitted to a doctor if necessary, even at a distance (telemedicine). During therapy, the app reminds the user of the periodical temperature measurement and medication intake or advises the user to see a doctor in critical cases. The app supports the user in learning to gauge the human body.

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