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In the near future, robots will undertake an increasing number of tasks not only in the industrial manufacturing/production area but also in the support of workers in all kinds of services. Due to the sustainable usage of robots for 24 hours in continuous operation, the technology has some decisive advantages over the human being. For power sapping work in the servicing field, the robot can support the personnel. Man and robot working hand in hand. For example: hospitals can compensate having not sufficient staff through the use of robot replacements. In the future robots will assist nursing services in senior citizens homes caused by the demographic change of our society.


The service robot is based on transport robots, with the compact design being the basis for the project. Using a laser guided system the robot has the ability to navigate unassisted – even in unfamiliar terrain, with the route data being permanently stored and updated within the navigation system. This allows independent control of objectives - automatically calculating a route and avoiding obstacles.

The use of mobile medical equipment and the technology that goes with it is required in hospitals in the form of robotic systems. Consumables can be automatically ordered and delivered when required. Medicines, food and drink can be specifically selected and distributed. Additionally, doctors off-site have the ability to remotely assist patients. Measures such as this will not only save on healthcare costs in the future, but also change the landscape in the service sector significantly.

Customised services


Mobiler Serviceroboter für Hol- und Bringdienste
Mobiler Serviceroboter für Hol- und Bringdienste
Mobiler Serviceroboter für Hol- und Bringdienste

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