Savina 300

Nahaufnahme der Benutzeroberflaeche


The Savina 300 ventilator is an evolution of the well established Savina product. During development the main focus was to optimise the performance of the product by adding new functions whilst retaining the existing components. An additional challenge was to ensure the overall dimensions and footprint of the device remained unchanged.

Detailansicht aus Sicht des Anwenders
Komplettansicht des Beatmungsgeräts


The main hallmarks of the new Savina 300 device are the large colour touch screen with the design featuring ergonomical requirements such as viewing angle and grip angle. The entire upper shell consists of a single part in which multiple functions are integrated.

The success of this particular project was enhanced by the positive communication between Dräger, the client, and the Corpus-C design team.

Optimal patient care

For Savina, the main focus is the everyday patient.

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