Sartoflow® smart

Crossflow filtration system for process development

A smarte and modular system

The configurations in overview

The SARTOFLOW® Smart is a modular and flexible corssflow system. The bench top device allows a easy use in the laboratory, in process development and clinical trials.

The design supports an intuitive use of a tidy tube management and clear flow direction. The tubes are to insert logically and only need short distances. Also the bags and the filter cassettes are very flexible and easy to arrange. Thus a good overview of the ongoing process is provided. Display and usability is at any point easy to reach.

SARTOFLOW® Smart is also designed with generous free surfaces, which makes it easy to clean. The basic form also integrates the product perfectly in the existing product portfolio of Sartorius.

Sartoflow Smart - Crossflow Filtration system for application development

process security on a 

highest quality

Corpus-C Design Agentur


For large & small volumes


The modular system allows users individual use. Different filters, bags or vessels are easy to install and the tubes are clearly guided. The perfect positioned connector fields bundles the connections in an orderly manner. No tubes or cables affect the operator of SARTOFLOW® Smart.

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