Sartoclear Dynamics

clarification system

Quick and easy installation through short preparation times.

Design optimizes workflow and usability

"Sartoclear Dynamics®" is a new disposable technology for the harvest of animal cell cultures with high cell concentrations. Constant results, easy handling, high speed and flexible scalability are the main features of this technology. The ready-to-use clarification system allows one-way processing of 2,000 liters.

The filter cartridges as well as the mobile filter holder were designed with regard to optimal usability. The handling of the filter cartridges is safe and comfortable thanks to ergonomically optimized handles. The shape of the transport handle emphasizes various ergonomic alternatives and enables a simple and exact positioning of the device. All operating elements are easily accessible to the user. By means of a 25 x 10 mm standard profile rail, the pressure sensor as well as additional equipment can be mounted on the device.

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