Tecme protective respirator

Brina ventilator


The goal when designing the "Brina ventilator" was to connect the appearance that matched the Tecme CI and also to integrate the requirements of the clinical environment and the user.
The customer required to generate a design that is inexpensive to implement and that looks the same in terms of technology and competition.

  • Product protective respirator
  • Manufacturer Tecme
  • Category Medical
  • Services Design development, Ergonomy Testing,
  • Industrialdesign, Interfacedesign

Sketch ideas. identify potential.

Different concepts and approaches are developed based on sketches. These first ideas are the foundation for the later design concept. Targeted ideas are selected or combined. This step is not just about aesthetics, but also about functional individual solutions.

Verify solution concepts.

We used simple models to simulate different use cases and check the previously worked out ideas for their ergonomics and comprehensibility. This step enables adjustments early on in the design process and solutions tailored to suit every user need.

The use cases are reproduced as precisely as possible and tested by as many people as possible. This enables us to map a wide range of ergonomic requirements and to improve the design accordingly.

calm, clean, strong character.

Those three words characterize the design.
All relevant cable connections are aligned horizontally and colour coded. As a result, they can be easily and quickly surveyed and operated in every situation. The hose mountings are in an additively attached element to the main body. This gives the ventilator its striking shape.


intuitive, precise, modern

In the hectic daily routine of clinics, immediately accessible, understandable and structured measurement data are essential.
With the revision of the interface and the matching, newly designed icons, we have combined these requirements with a new, modern appearance, creating an intuitive, clear and appealing interaction between the ventilator and the operator.

Safety, that convinces.

Fast response times are vital in an emergency. To make this possible, it is important to recognize crises at a glance. The alarm light, which is drawn across the entire width of the screen, ensures that the ventilator can be seen from any position in the room.

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