PMA - new experience in paintwork

Robust, safe, intuitive and ergonomically perfect in handling.

Design without compromise

The compact design of the PMA-Paint mixing scale enables a minimal footprint and saves valuable space. Prior to this, modular design was defined by strategic design in order to allow flexibility in the product configuration while at the same time reducing the production costs by common-part strategy.

Precision and reliability are radiated through the modern design of the product and the PMA convinces with a modern appearance. Clear contrasts in material and colour are used in order to achieve an elegant and slim look. The borderless, tilted display ensures perfect readability and the essential contents are always at a glance. Multifunctional cable management has been developed and designed on the backside, which guarantees strain relief and a safe cable routing. At the same time, it is prevented that the cable cannot be removed during operation. Depending on the application, two different sizes are available for the display stand and for the weighing pan.

Large scale - large quantities, small scale...

Equivalence in full size

The design combines and represents all advantages of the scale. Features such as mobility, accuracy in weighing very small quantities, and their technical innovation are part of an holistic appearance.

PMA Lackmischwaage von Sartorius Design von Corpus-C in Benutzung

Conditioned to the best use

The design of the PMA family is developed for optimized workflows and facilitates easy cleaning. In short: "The PMA family makes the day-to-day work in colour matching easier and the scales score with style and elegance"

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