Anaesthesia device

Perseus® A500

Fully fledged

Anaesthesia work station


The Perseus A500 is a milestone in anaesthesia technology. For the first time, usability, ergonomics and workflow optimization are at the forefront in product development and this is shown by a paradigm shift in anaesthesia equipment technology.

In 2007 the newly founded Corpus-C Design Agency team presented the design concept to Dräger Medical for a series of product developments. The entire design team worked on the project which was finally launched in 2012.


A key selling point of the Perseus A500 was the distinctive backbone design element. The work table is positioned at the front of the device, with the height being suited to a sitting position. Simultaneously, all major components are integrated into the table which is mounted on the ‘backbone’. At the back, however, is a central hub for connecting the gas management, on the side face of the backbone is a universal interface system with integrated cable management providing the GCX standard mounting from the chassis up to the top cover. With its track length of about130cm on both sides, this is something special among the common anesthesia equipment, because a variety of different accessories can be mounted, allowing tremendous flexibility. Each user can customise the setup of their Perseus A500 so that it is optimised for their own personal preference.

Moreover, there are the different display trays, which can also be easily positioned or mounted. This allows the user to customise the configuration of their workspace storage space to suit their personal needs. If there is still insufficient space then an additional drawer unit can be mounted underneath the table. In here the more important items can be kept close to hand. Another functional highlight would be the central braking system which can be operated by foot from both sides.

A closer look

Generous workspace
Compact design
User centred design
Modular expansion
Workflow orientated ergonomics
Optimal accessibility
Surface optimized for hygienic preparation
Numerous elements for mounting and storing accessories
Dräger standardized industrial design

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