Portable emergency ventilator

Oxylog 3000 Plus

Safe operating

User interface design as a means to an end

The design highlight of the user interface is the operating concept "select-adjust-confirm", which ensures a fast and easy learning process. Recurring processes are intuitively internalized by the operator and thus ensure a high degree of operational reliability in both routine and complex operating processes. The keys and controls are colour-coded and structured by focal areas. In addition to the primary interface, the secondary interfaces, such as device interfaces, have been designed to ensure a holistic, optimal workflow.

Oxylog Beatmungsgerät und Lungenmonitoring für den Rettungsdienst
Layout der Bedienfolie des Oxylog 3000 plus


In stress situations, it is crucial that each step is correct. The intuitive user interface design guides the user specifically while installing the connectors. Thus, the physician and the rescue assistant can quickly concentrate on the essentials and the patient's care.

Oxylog Beatmungsgerät und Lungenmonitoring für den Rettungsdienst

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