Always a step ahead

Cheerful guard

With the thoughts of the little patients, who often go through difficult times in the clinic, "Oktavia" sees her duty as a friendly and colorful companion.

The design of the mobile infusion unit was developed with an understanding of the child as a target group. It helps build confidence in the alien, clinical world. For our smallest patients every little bit more security is welcome.

The study was conceived with the background of the situational approach (pedagogy). According to this, children develop emotional-social skills best by processing and understanding individual experiences. The themes and fears of the children are thus clearly in the center. That, what the child cares most about can be better addressed by the doctor as well as nurses and parents. This creates a healthy basis for treatment / therapy and contributes to recovery.

fröhlicher Infulsionsständer für Kinder

Mobile mate

The infusion unit becomes a constant ally that creates calmness for the patient. Elsewhere it stimulates communication.

The design concept reflects these intentions through the friendly and open-minded motifs. Thus are transported through soft and curved surfaces.

The communicative exchange between the patients and between the patient and the staff is stimulated from its own. The thoughts of the concerned person are lead in an emotionally positive direction.

In a challenging time for the patient, the design promotes individually the child's emotional-social and communicative competences in a completely different and new way.

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