MRT-Design study

Next Generation

MRT-Design study

A study based on the theme of "the next generation of MRI scanners". Focussing on cost reduction and feasibility, different design and operational concepts were developed. All MRI machines were designed to be modular so that maximum compatibility could be achieved throughout the product segmentation. One of the main conceptual focuses was create an experience of different moods and spatial atmospheres. The machine conveys a calming sense for the patient, giving them faith in the technology.

Konzeptioneller Ansatz für die MRT Designstudie (Schematischer Geräteaufbau)

Lionel Design Award 2016

Impressions of the Lionel Design Award ceremony 2016 at the "Braunschweiger Presshaus".

Excellent Design

Braunschweig: The Lionel Design Award honored ideas that revolve around medicine.

The fourth Lionel Design Award was dedicated to medicine. The award ceremony of the "Braunschweig Designtransfer association" on 23.09.2016, was the final of the „Wirkstoff“ festival of the metropolitan region of Hannover, Braunschweig, Göttingen and Wolfsburg.

Gabriele Heinen-Kljajic, Lower Saxony's Minister of Culture, opened the ceremony. The submissions selected by the jury were then announced in four categories. The Award in the category “professional” was submitted to the Corpus-C Design Team for the design study presented here - an advanced form of an MRT-device, which is used in medical treatment to show the structure and function of tissues and organs. Thanks to the modular design of the concept, these units can be modernized more easily and thus more cost-effectively.

The advantages:
• Maximum variability of device variants (segmentation)
• Regional or country-specific variants
• Individualization: Kid's MR - Senior MR
• Scalability
• Expandability
• Update / Upgrade

The new MRT-Generation

Modular - Flexible - Individual

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