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The Hei-Vap rotary evaporator series is the flagship of the Heidolph Instruments company. Therefore it is particularly important to ensure excellent handling and ergonomics, to match the quality standard of the premium-sector. Matching these high requirements was always a priority during the entire design development process. Consequently, all adjustments to the design combine aesthetics with the functionality needed to guarantee a perfect professional work-routine and an optimal workflow.

  • Product rotary evaporator
  • Manufaturer Heidolph Instruments
  • Category Laboratory
  • Services Facelift design, Ergonomics, Testing, Construction support

First ideas

The perfect base of our creative process are always various concept sketches. These provide first very different projections. From this pool of ideas, we select those, which are constructive for the further development of the device. And yet it is not our only goal to create functional individual solutions, but to develop the overall appearance of the device. Our constant focus was the high standard for ideal handling.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Preliminary models made out of clay and foam ensure an efficient development process. We can test the ergonomics of our concepts in the early stages of product development. In iterative steps, we optimize those ideas until they match the high standard satisfactory. The selected mock-ups will be transferred into 3D-data and formally re-engineered. The 3D data will be led back with the appropriate rapid-prototyping-methods afterwards.

With physical models, we recreate handling scenarios under realistic conditions. Those results will be approved and implemented in the final concept to guarantee the best handling and ergonomics possible. This method enables early testing of the innovative ideas to create meaningful concepts, which often saves redundant steps and loops in the development and leads more efficient to the desired result.

Facelift with improved operation

The new rotary evaporator-family Hei-Vap by Heidolph Instruments represents an easy handling and a high safety standard. The design of the whole device conveys these characteristics trough a consequent design of the ergonomically and functionally improved individual elements. This facelift, that integrated itself seamlessly into the CI of the brand, emits quality and optimizes the workflow of the user, can be celebrated as a milestone in the world of all rotary evaporators.

Safe operation

The design of the heating bath handles was fundamentally reworked to guarantee more comfort and safety while using the product. The anti-slip coating of the handles makes carrying the heath bath safer. Furthermore, the new developed protective shields prevent the risk of scalding while pouring.

The push-button for the hand lift was designed to be safe and for a convenient use regardless of left or right-handed operation. A safe and fast adjustment of the optimal glass flask immersion depth is guaranteed trough an increased interaction-surface.

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