Adjustable flat tension lever

Ganter GN 126

Adjustable flat tension lever

The basic idea of ​​the flat tension lever GN 126 for Otto Ganter GmbH, was to design a tension lever that is easy to use and conveys a high-quality design. In the brainstorming phase we have played through many situations such as in which position or how this lever can be used. To verify the ergonomics, we developed various prototypes. This gave us a better picture of the ergonomics and design.

The design of the handle is precise and soft at the same time. During the design process our focus was, to make it as simple as possible and very functional at the same time. Thereby the complexity in the application field will be optically reduced; as a result the simple handle becomes an eye-catcher.

By the space-saving design it is most helpful to use it in limited pivoting areas. Also the tension position of the lever can be adjusted if desired. The self-explanatory design allows to understanding the functions without any problems or misunderstandings.

Logo IF Designaward 2018

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