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filter coffee is back

Hip young people show in Berlin, New York or Tokyo how to celebrate brewed coffee. Anyone who goes to a modern café will not be able to get past the filter coffee. But it is easy to make it at home too: FUSION brews a coffee with the finest aromas. Every morning you will have a fantastic taste experience, which let quickly be forgotten the Lungo, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato from a coffee machine. FUSION is a tribute to the coffee culture and gives a well-founded and proven type of coffee making, the elegance, and the style the coffee itself deserves.

Ordinary coffee makers are under pressure.

FUSION takes the time for good coffee.

Color and material trends

The conception of the coffee maker "fusion" takes social aspects into account: On the one hand, "conscious life and experience" and "forward to the origin" are trends and development tendencies that will change and shape our behavior as well as consumer patterns in the long term.

On the other hand, the design is based on acquired color and material trends for kitchens. The spatiality and the environment, in which the product will reside in, play an important part in order to arouse enthusiasm among the target group. The success factor for a product is its distinctive appearance. Optimally coordinated shape, color and material, mediate value and quality of a product and thus ensure its market success.

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