Contrast agent injector

CT motion TM


From idea to implementation

In 2007, Ulrich medical commissioned Corpus-C to develop the existing design concept for the "CT Motion" contrast agent injector in greater detail.

The main focus of the design development was to improve the usability of the device while adhering to the standards for medical products.

The medication and contrast agent bottles in the upper part of the injector must, for example, be of different sizes depending on the patient as well as being easy to change.

The integrated display and interface are also easy to understand along with the corresponding controls. One major challenge was to ensure the tilting stability.

On one hand, the customer desires the smallest possible footprint, but adversely, the device must not overbalance. Last, but not least, the device must be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Naturally, the design proposals must be realistic in relation to the estimated production costs as this ensures that the product is not only innovative, but also competitive on the market.

Flaschenaufnahme für Kontrastmittel und Medikamente
Kontrastmittel-Injektor CTmotion zur Verbesserung der Darstellung des Körpers bei bildgebenden Verfahren


Form improves function

To further develop the product design to the production stage, many requirements had to be met, as they require the provisions of the Medical Supplies. When designing the CT Motion TM we had to consider various standards which related to the use of medical equipment, for example DIN EN 60601 and DIN EN 62366. To ensure the validity of the product we had to validate, evaluate and verify against the specific DIN norms.

“Form follows function” or even better, “Form improves function” was the main priority when developing our ideas. It was a challenge finding a compromise between accommodating all technical requirements and the desired aesthetics. By decreasing the number of wheels from five to four, the risk of the user tripping is reduced. This also meant a smaller product footprint allowing the user more freedom, but also helped to reduce the cost of the device.

To prevent impact damage to the chassis, a protective rubber coating was applied which, through the choice of a contrasting colour, helped create the illusion of a smaller device.

The Americans say “God is in the detail” instead of “the devil is in the detail.” In every detail there is an opportunity for improvement - therefore meaning close attention should be paid. Ulrich Medical recognised this and granted us the freedom to explore all possibilities.

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