Claristep® Filter system

8 in one go

Syringe free filters to simplify the sample clarification.

Revolution for sample preparation by Corpus-C

An annoying task has been simplified!

The design development points the way at an early stage of this project. At the end a user-friendly, application-safe and high quality product has been implemented, which integrates perfectly into the workflow of the user. A product according to the philosophy of Corpus-C: Design creates added value and must be viewed holistically – to be more than the result of form and function. It must provide the users satisfaction and – in very simpe terms – to make them happy.

The classical sample preparation, i.e. the manual particulate removal for subsequent analysis is time consuming and often uncomfortable to use. Corpus-C has developed and designed the ideal solution: Claristep® is what the user has been waiting for. The manual system can filter 8 samples in parallel within a few seconds - all without vacuum or power source. And the highlight: all filter covers are thereby closed automatically and securely when the lid of the unit is to be closed. An incorrect placement of the individual disposable is not possible because the filter station and disposable filters are matched. The removable sample holder increases the flexibility during sample preparation. In the Claristep® filter system everything is just right: ergonomics, usability, design, and thus the user experience.

Optimal usability by prototypes

Design - Evaluate - Improve

Prototype & Co

A targeted product development always includes working models; be it for testing the function , to check ergonomic aspects or to provide a realistic overall impression in terms of volume . In an iterative process the product idea is consistently optimized continuously in all details to move a step closer to the ultimate goal through a structured approach and a parallel evaluation . This is product development that shines in all respects.

Simple - Clear - Intuitiv!

Corpus-C Design Agentur

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