Mobile C-arm

Mobile X-ray machine


The mobile C-arm X-ray machine is an internal design study from 2009 on "Mobile X-ray devices." This originated with a few key features, detached from technically detailed specifications, in order not to affect the creativity of the design team in any way for the time being.

More surprisingly the team developed new ideas and approaches for the next generation of mobile C-arm X-ray equipment. A few examples include integrated brake pedals with luminescent visual feedback or the integral handle connections from made from autoclavable plastic, which provide new design approaches in medical technology from ‘the future’.


In the implementation phase of the resulting ideas, it was clear that a functioning design using present day technology would be possible to develop, but in time could be solved. Perhaps once again reinventing the wheel.

The end result itself is not intended to overly futuristic. Instead the primary focus was to create a formal aesthetic study with a couple of interesting new aspects and approaches to the typical field of medical technology, as this is something with which we are familiar.

The design was formally aligned to the ultrasound machineXS to reflect our own style within the Design Studies. The Corporate Industrial Design (CID) is something that is important to many of our customers and is often highlighted within the design briefings and something we specialise in within the medical industry.

Mobiles C-Bogen Röntgengerät (Designstudie)
Mobiles C-Bogen Röntgengerät (Perspektive von hinten)
Blick auf das User Interface des C-Bogen Röntgengeräts
Mobiles C-Bogen Röntgengerät in Verwendung (Arzt und Patient)
Röntgenassistent positioniert das mobile C-Bogen Röntgengerät

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