arium® pro

Ultrapure water device


The arium® pro-System consists of four different variants and is used in the laboratory for the production of the purest water. The integrated glass display provides the user with an intuitive user interface and very simple menu navigation. The user has maximum flexibility during routine processes, due to the functions available which are customised to optimise the process. The arium® pro system was designed primarily for the laboratory environment. The devices can be cleaned extremely easily, are stackable and can be installed, depending on the space available,as a wall, table or under counter version.

Simple menu navigation

Intuitive user interface


The focus of the product development was to create an optimal user experience. Technical components were moved to the back of the device to eliminate their visibility. The cartridges, which are exchanged at regular intervals, have their own compartment. The angled door allows for maximum opening and to facilitate the exchange of cartridges. The device also serves as a top tray – thus have a dual purpose as many laboratories lack shelving space.

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