Laboratory balances

Cubis® 2


The Cubis® family stands for highest weighing standards, especially for pharmaceutical process applications. The new generation Cubis® II improves the successful modular balance system with its innovative new front end series. The design challenge was to achieve the perfect match of an intuitive and fault-free operation and the versatile adaptability of the modular system. While the weighing platform modules stay unchanged, every single combination of head and body appears harmonious and consistent. The Cubis® II series meets the customers´ needs for hygiene and quality in order to ensure the perfect solution for their application.

  • Product Laboratory Balance Family
  • Hersteller Sartorius
  • Category Laboratory
  • Services Facelift, Industrial design, Product-Graphics

The Idea

Regardless of the environment in which a laboratory balance is used, whether in a pharmaceutical laboratory or university or other research laboratories, the demands on a balance can be very different. To meet these requirements, Cubis® is designed as a fully customizable series of scales, the hardware, software and connectivity of which can be adapted to the needs of the user. The new front end design in combination with two available displays is designed to apply to all weighing platforms inside the family and fits perfectly into the Sartorius product range.

Harmonious design meets pure elegance

Cubis® II shows a harmonious and consistent appearance in each single module combination. This is achieved by the side drawing line connecting the modules while narrowing the shape towards the front to highlight the user interface. This connecting characterline along the side of the Cubis® II the front module blends easily with every weighing platform. The particularly flat display module appears light and elegant. It seems to be floating in front of the scales. Functional precision and reliability are radiated by the brilliance of the lens-shaped glass display, which perfectly reflects the Sartorius CI. By merging explicit segmentation and optical integration, Cubis® II impresses with its clear product semantics.

Coherent and CI-Conform

Ergonomic and Userfriendly

The second generation of the successful Cubis® family fulfils all user requirements of hygiene and quality. It is the perfect solution for laboratory applications. Cubis® II is the only laboratory balance series with fully customizable hardware, software and connectivity. The new generation of modular scales enables flexible adaptation of the individual product configuration to user requirements. Due to its compact design and minimal footprint valuable space is saved. Gently integrated palm-operable functional keys flank the display. The possibility of individual key assignment simplifies the handling even more. Individual sample holders and gesture control are leading features for advanced user experience. Due to the high level of accuracy Cubis® II laboratory balances increase process safety. Clear and smooth surfaces enable easy accessibility for cleaning. Especially in the field of pharmaceutical research and development precision and hygiene help directly to prevent and fight diseases.

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