Beautycare 2.0

Cryolipolysis CW4

Perfect usability

The handhelds which are used to treat the patient are positioned in an ergonomically perfect working height. They are optimally accessible and can be stored in the holders on the device easily, safely and space-saving after the treatment. The length of the supply hose of every handheld is designed so that they do not come into contact with the ground in order to prevent contamination.


The harmonious and appealing design makes this cryolipolysis unit an eye-catcher in every medical practice. Beauty meets pure elegance! The overall appearance represents the beauty care sector in perfection. The clear design  has a calming effect and the materials used create a well-balanced colour accent. All in all the device brings a refreshing atmosphere into the treatment room.

The large castors ensure mobility and thus a comfortable and easy transport from room to room. The up-to-date user interface (tablet) rounds off the overall appearance of the CW4 and the user can intuitively make all settings for the treatment enabled by a touch screen.

Kryolipolysegeraet CW4, Frontansicht

Graphic & Artwork

The colours and the graphics specially developed for this device ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance in the treatment room. The clear appearance stands for reliability and precision and ensures that the patient has no anxiety to get in touch with the device. CW4 sets new standards and stands for innovation: the generation Beautycare 2.0 has begun.

Be fresh & feel beautiful.

Designteam, Corpus-C

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