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Using our ingenuity and creativity to provide better solutions

Good design arises in the brain. Not on the left, not on the right, but in the centre. This is where the Corpus-Callosum is located – the connecting beam, which collects the information between the left (emotional) and the right (rational) brain hemisphere.

A design agency from Fürth, we have named ourselves after the Corpus-Callosum. Our main competence is combining creative product design and technically complex product solutions which is required in the medical and laboratory design field.

Today we transfer this competence to all other areas of design with continued success, for instance designing capital goods and consumer products. What we want to achieve is to develop more than just an appealing/attractive design. We want to create products with add value to generate a significant competitive advantage.

Therefore creativity and understanding is needed, both of which the team here at Corpus-C have in abundance.


Corpus-C is cooperating with well-known customers from different areas of the industry for many years. The priority is on developing design solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical and the laboratory field. The products are awarded regulary with prestigious design-awards.

Sartoflow Smart - Crossflow filtration system for process development

Sartoflow® Smart

The SARTOFLOW® Smart is a modular and flexible filter system which finds its application in the laboratory, for example. An intuitive and diverse use is supported by the tidy design.

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Cookie Küchenorganizer

Kitchen Organizer

The integral product design pursues a harmonious, purist overall aesthetics, thereby the production costs will be reduced. The natural material wood in the upper area continues the shape of the bended metal; it flows positively in one piece.

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Adjustable flat tension lever GN 126

Adjustable flat tension lever GN 126

During the design process our focus was, to make it as simple as possible and very functional at the same time. Thereby the complexity in the application field will be optically reduced; as a result the simple handle becomes an eye-catcher.

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Soundbord - the rock

Soundboard - the rock

Furniture that animates the room!

An extraordinary chest not only impresses with its bass, but primarily convinces by its unique design.

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We where there! - Our team at the IF Design Award 2018

IF Design Award 2018

We where there! - IF Design Award 2018

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the friendly infusion unit

Oktavia infusion unit

Do not be afraid - Oktavia a friendly companion in the hospital

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Again participating - Sebastian Maier Jury member at the IF Design Award 2018

IF Design Award Jury 2018

Again participating - Sebastian Maier Jury member at the IF Design Award 2018

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PMA Lackmischwaage für den professionellen Einsatz

PMA - Paint mixing scale

The design combines and represents all advantages of the scale. Features such as mobility, accuracy in weighing very small quantities, and their technical innovation are part of an holistic appearance.

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Designstudie für eine Dental-Behandlungseinheit

Dental treatment unit - Design study

The study is based on current design and color material trends. The use of high contrasts, as observed in the consumer goods sector, is also accepted in medical technology and replaces the pure white colour.

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The new Cryolipolysis device CW4 for Beautycare-Applications

The new Cryolipolysis device CW4 - Beautycare 2.0

The harmonious and appealing design makes this cryolipolysis unit an eye-catcher in every medical practice. Beauty meets pure elegance! The overall appearance represents the beauty care sector in perfection.

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Die Gewinner des Lionel Designpreis der Stadt Braunschweig

LIONEL Design Award - in the category professional

The Corpus-C design team convinced the jury with the design study for a MRI device of the next generation. The concept: modularity as a basis for optimal segmentation, differentiation and individualization.

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Sartocon Slice 50 Filter

Cross flow filtration has never been so beautiful

Small but nice - the new filter for crossflow applications presents itself at its best. The design combines pure elegance with a perfect handling in one product.

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Claristep - die Revolution für die Probenvorbereitung

The revolution for sample preparation

A product in accordance to the philosophy of Corpus-C: Design adds values and the holistic concept must be more than the result of form and function. It has to satisfy the most demanding user and – in very simple terms – to make them really happy.

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IF Design Award 2016 für das kompakte Reinstwassersystem mit integriertem Bagtank

IF Design Award 2016 for arium® mini

The Design focuses on the interactive areas and achieves very compact dimensions by the sophisticated interior concept. The small footprint of the device offers more space for the user and his demands.

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German Design Award Special 2016 für einen einfach zu bedienenden Bioreaktor

Biostat A wins the German Design Award Special 2016

The space saving and egonomic design makes the Biostat A different from traditional bioreactor systems. The user can operate comfortably from a tablet computer whereby the focus is on having essential operating steps to ensure stress-free work.

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Einfach zu bedienender Einweg-Bioreaktor bis 200 Liter Arbeitsvolumen

Biostat® RM 200

The BIOSTAT® RM 200 is a flexible and easy to use single-use bioreactor. The relevant bags are available for different work volumes.

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Corpus-C unterstützt den Fussball-Nachwuchs

New shirts for the youth team of the Spvgg Erlangen

Now the youth team of the Spielvereinigung Erlangen can hit the ground running both sporty and visual!

Corpus-C wishes the team a successful season with their new shirts.

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Corpus-C auf der Medica 2015 in Düsseldorf

MEDICA – The worlds largest medical fair

Almost 5.000 Exhibitors coming from 70 Nations present themselves on the Medica 2015. Corpus-C was there for trend scouting. Our conclusion: The Medical Design is more and more inspired by the Design of consumer goods, whereby the formal appearance of the devices is increasingly precise.

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Stethoskop für Kinderärzte und Kinderärztinnen

Stethoscope Monkey

MONKEY is the friend of the little patient, dispels fear and helps to abolish the distance to the doctor. A quiet moment for acsultating will be achieved very soon.

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Kaffemaschiene Fusion für die Zubereitung von Filterkaffee


FUSION is a tribute to the coffee-culture and decorates the traditional way of brewing a coffee with a deservedly elegance and style.

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Einweg-Klarfiltrationssystem Sartoclear Dynamics

Sartoclear Dynamics

The clarification system is ready to use and enables single use processing of up to 2000 Litres. The design development focused on a quick and easy installation of the system with short preparation time, perfect usability and optimum workflow.

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Fieberthermometer mit App für das Smartphone

Thermometer App

The fever thermometer D-Gree is orientated towards telemedicine services which became increasingly important: Thanks to the app, the personal communication between doctor and patient is possible over a large spatial distance. Furthermore additional application fields are arising.

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Feuchtebestimmer MA 37 und MA 160 von Sartorius

IF Award 2015

Once again the excellent product design by Corpus-C Design Agentur was varified from official side with the IF Design Award this year. The product captures the user by the high professional, durable and friendly Design.

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Jury IF Design Award 2014

IF Jury member 2014

More than 50 Experts from all over the world meet for three days in order to determine the winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2014. Sebastian Maier from Corpus-C Design Agentur was a member in the jury.

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Anästhesie Arbeitsplatz Perseus A 500 von Dräger

Double victory

On behalf of and close collaboration with Dräger the design agency Corpus-C has designed a anaesthesia workplace. With success: The anaesthesia workplace Perseus A500 won the Red Dot Award 2013 "best of the best".

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Logo Designpreis German Design Award 2013

Excellent Design

It happened once again. The Fürth based company Corpus-C Design Agentur GmbH was awarded again for its special performances in the laboratory - and pharmaceutical field for  excellent product design.

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Product development and design -

from the idea to the start of production

our devisions in

Product design

Medical Design

Design responsible for life maintaining systems.

Industrial Design

Capital goods design generates structure for each process.

Laboratory Design

Design supports science and technology with the utmost security.

Produktereich Konsumgüter Design (Kaffeemaschine für die Zubereitung von Filterkaffee)EN

Consumer Design

Good consumer design brings pleasure in life.

Our strength

User Experience Design

User Research

Before starting the conceptual design, the individual needs of the target group will be analyzed.


In the matter of usability and handling  we do not leave anything to chance.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design makes the operation of complex systems easier.

Color & Material

Form, colour and material perfectly matched to one another communicates value and quality and will ensure the market success for your product.

Products with a perfect integration

in the brand strategy of each client

Product design highlights the accuracy

of a company that invests

in the technical development of its products


A product isn´t a single project

but rather a piece of the company culture

With strong and reliable partners on our side,

corpus-C can guarantee to the client routine

and confidence also in stormy waters

Agency information

The Corpus-C Design Agency has a team of designers with years of experience in various product fields. Our claim is to develop innovative design solutions with a focus on a harmonic look and feel accompanied by ease of use and technical based solutions.

We consult our clients in all developmental phases concerning the design. We also develop future design strategies and corporate design concepts to match your overall corporate identity.

General manager
Sebastian Maier
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274 m²
Key areas
Medical, laboratory, industry, consumer goods
3D Tools
AliasDesign, Rhino3D, Inventor, SolidWorks
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Strategic product design

is the benchmark

Good product design

makes products more efficient

Good product design

makes products safer

Who we are

Corpus-C Design Agency

Sebastian Maier


Sebastian Maier - CEO at Corpus-C – has in excess of 15 years experience within the field of design. A designer with conviction, gaining experience working both in Germany and further afield internationally. During this time Sebastian has developed a great sense of what makes good product design. He studied industrial design at the Hochschule der bildende Künste (HBK) and mechanical engineering at theTechnische Universität (TU) in each case in Braunschweig. As lecturer he was teaching industrial design and is jury-member at the well-known IF Design Award.


The creative talents of Corpus-C

The Corpus-C team consists of designers specialising in product design, graphic design und interface design. All members of the team have the following in common - competence and experience designing products within a variety of fields engaging a passion for good design and holistic concept development.

Markus Mak

Diplom Designer
Senior Designer

Kerstin Link

Diplom Designer
Senior Designer

Paula Steiner

Technical Product Design

Dirk Lamprecht

Diplom Designer

Sebastian Wagner

Diplom Designer
Junior Designer

Thomas Blümel

Diplom Designer

Passion for a good design

and holistic product concept

Good design makes products

come alive emotionally

Form improves function.

Product design


Do you need professional support?

Do not hesitate to contact us

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Corpus-C Design Agentur GmbH
Kaiserstr. 168-170
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Tel: +49 911 217 73 79 - 0
Fax: +49 911 217 73 79 99
Email: kontakt(ät)